(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

New Lions quarterback Jared Goff just isn’t cutting it, at least that’s the vibe among Lions commentators, fans and critics alike. Goff and the Lions have yet to pull off a win this season. Their latest game was a hard loss, being defeated by the Cincinnati Bengals, 34-11.

Former Lions running back Joique Bell isn’t happy about the showing. During Tuesday’s (Oct. 19) “Big D Energy” on Woodward Sports Network, Bell let it all hang out.

“That’s not Detroit football. That’s not a Detroit quarterback,” Bell said. “Stafford would have stayed in there, took the hit and got the pass off. Got the first down and we would have had a fighting chance.”

Bell continued, “We have a quarterback doing those type of things and gives the defense no confidence. No confidence at all. So moving forward, I am not going to play as hard. When you go look at a team like Tampa Bay, where there defense is playing beyond their means, because they have a quarterback that’s always going to have them in a position to win the game.”

Next up, the Lions take on the Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium. Yes, that means we’re going up against Stafford. Let’s brace for it.

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