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When Tom Brady talks, people listen. The Tampa Bay quarterback wants to NFL to change some rules, and he’s making his voice heard. Hey, I personally think he’s earned that right.

Buccaneer Chris Godwin won’t be at the team’s upcoming game, after getting a torn ACL after a hit to the knee in the team’s previous game. He’ll actually miss the rest of the season. The play that resulted in his injury is a play Brady thinks thinks the NFL “ought to take out of the game, from a receiver’s standpoint.”

“It’s not a cheap hit, because they’re allowed to do it,” Tom Brady said during his podcast “Let’s Go” earlier this week. “There needs to be a rule that forbids it, and therefore people understand the vulnerability of a pass-catcher in the act of receiving the ball and being hit.”

He added, “I’ve seen that hit too many times where a defenseless pass catcher is in the process of catching the ball and he’s hit by the defender,” Brady said. “And a lot of defenders would say, ‘Well, we can’t hit him in the head anymore.’ Well, the point is, you can’t hit anybody in the head anymore. You can’t hit anyone in the knees anymore – except the receivers, which doesn’t make any sense to me.

“You can’t hit a defensive lineman in the knees, you can’t hit a punter in the knees, you can’t hit a quarterback in the knees, you can’t hit a (defensive back) in the knees – except for allowing hits on defenseless receivers. It needs to be addressed and really thought out.”

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