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Michigan didn’t win the Orange Bowl, but they had a fantastic season. In fact, after the game, head coach Jim Harbaugh called it one of the best seasons in Wolverine history. So, has he accomplished everything he set out to do with Michigan, and does that mean it’s time to move on?

Some sports critics think Harbaugh may be looking to return to the NFL. It’s speculation, but Michigan’s solid season certainly doesn’t hurt Harbaugh’s chances of getting an offer. Time will tell what happens!

“It isn’t a secret at this point. Come January 10th, the Chicago Bears will likely be hunting for a new head coach. As George McCaskey sorts things out, one major subplot has entered the forefront. That of Jim Harbaugh,” Erik Lambert of SportsMockery.com says in a new article.

SportsMockery.com adds, “The rumor for years has been that Chicago is his dream NFL job. Not a surprise since he played for the Bears as a quarterback from 1987 to 1993. Harbaugh is a big admirer of Mike Ditka. Getting a chance to return home as the head coach is quite appealing to him. It comes down to whether the organization itself is interested in a reunion. The short answer according to a source is yes. There is definite intrigue at the idea..

Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk also recently talked about the possibility of Harbaugh going back to the NFL. “…What if Mark Davis offers to pay Harbaugh a whole lot more than zero dollars plus benefits?” he said. “Is there a number that will get him to finish what he started with the 49ers, a team he took to the Super Bowl in only his second season on the job? What if other NFL teams, like Carolina, get in on the Harbaugh action? Or how about the Bears, the team that made Harbaugh a first-round draft choice 35 years ago?”

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