The Detroit Lions didn’t have a winning season, but they sure did have some cool trick plays sprinkled throughout the past few months. Who doesn’t love a great football trick play? Check out their highlight video below!

Matthew Stafford Speaks Out About His Road to the Super Bowl

  • What does this road to the Super Bowl mean to him?

    In the interview room after the game, Stafford said, “It means a lot. That’s a lot of hard work, for a lot of years, going into a short amount of time. A lot of hard work this year, too, with some great teammates.”

    He added, “That’s the thing I’ve loved and really appreciated, being a part of this team. How many guys we have willing to row in the right direction, doing everything they can to be prepared for those moments.”

  • He enjoying every minute

    “I’m taking it all in,” he said, “loving every minute of it, working my tail off trying to enjoy every situation that we’re in, every opportunity that we earn. I love going into battle with these guys. ”

  • On setting the Rams up for a win with 42 seconds to go

    “I love those situations,” Stafford said. “I hate the way we got to it tonight. There’s some plays we all wish we had back. We could have ended that game probably with me taking a knee. But finding a way to win a football game is what it’s all about, and we’ve got a group of guys in that locker room who all believe in each other.”

  • What does he remember about the moment he won?

    “My heart was racin ‘. But at the same time it was just going out there to execute, have fun and enjoy the moment,” he said.

  • A dark place

    “All the guys on the sideline were like, ‘Man, you were in a dark place,’” Stafford said. “I said, ‘Sometimes, you just have to go to those places and make some plays happen.’ I was enjoying the moment. In my mind, I live for those kind of moments.”

  • Rams coach Sean McVay on Stafford

    “I though Matthew Stafford was unbelievable throughout the whole day,” he said of Sunday’s game. “Just his poise, his command, his demeanor, his decision-making.”

  • In his own words

  • Cool moment

  • Another cool moment

  • Looking good!

  • Stafford action

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