TAMPA, FLORIDA - JANUARY 23: Tom Brady #12 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers reacts in the second quarter of the game against the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Divisional Playoff game at Raymond James Stadium on January 23, 2022 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

On Saturday (Jan. 29), ESPN reported that NFL quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady, was planning to retire after 22 years, after Tampa Bay’s loss to the Los Angeles Rams last weekend. They even made a big announcement of it via Twitter and other social media.

Now, Brady’s camp is doing damage control and setting the record straight. Both the AP and The Athletic have confirmed that a call was made from Brady to the Buccaneers, stating that he hasn’t made a decision yet on whether or not he’s going to retire.

Brady’s agent, Don Yee, stated, “Without getting into the accuracy or inaccuracy of what’s being reported, Tom will be the only person to express his plans with complete accuracy. He knows the realities of the football business and planning calendar as well as anybody, so that should be soon.”

We’ll keep you posted on this story. For now, check out the timeline of the report that Brady was retiring below.

Here's What Tom Brady is Saying About Retirement

  • After the game

    After the loss to the Rams, Brady was asked on the field about retirement, to which he answered that he “hadn’t put a lot of thought into it.”

  • Living in the moment

    “We’ll just take it day by day and see where we’re at,” he added on the field after the Rams game.

  • The morning after

    Brady appeared on the SiriusXM’s “Let’s Go!” podcast with Jim Gray on Monday (Jan. 24) to talk about the loss and his future.

  • Family matters

    Brady is a family guy, and on “Let’s Go,” he said that while he didn’t want to “rush” any decision, his wife, Gisele B√ľndchen, and kids would be at the center of his decision.

  • What his family means to him

    “The biggest difference now that I’m older is I have kids now too, and I care about them a lot as well,” Brady told Jim Gray on the show. “They’ve been my biggest supporters. My wife is my biggest supporter, it pains her to see me get hit out there. She deserves what she needs from me as a husband and my kids deserve what they need from me as a dad.”

  • It's not about what he wants

    “I’m gonna spend some time with them and give them what they need, because they’ve really been giving me what I need the last six months to do what I love to do,” Brady added on the show. “I said this a few years ago, it’s what relationships are all about — It’s not always what I want, it’s what we want as a family. I’m gonna spend a lot of time with them and figure out in the future what’s next.

  • He loves football, and that's why he's stayed this long

    “Playing football I get so much joy from, I love it,” he added on the show. “But not playing football, there’s a lot of joy in that for me also now too, with my kids getting older and seeing them develop and grow.”

  • One last Super Bowl?

    Personally, I think Brady would at least like to make it to one last Super Bowl before he retires. I’m thinking he’ll return for one more season and give it his all. Time will tell. Hit up me online and let me know what you think!

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