(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

It doesn’t get much more Detroit than having Eminem hang out at a Lions practice. That’s exactly what happened last week, as Slim Shady attended the Lions’ practice and made quarterback Jared Goff a bit star struck.

The moment was captured on the season finale of “Hard Knocks.” Goff could be heard exclaiming to his teammates, “You see Slim over there? Shady? He might be on my list of, like, ‘Holy s***!'”

Eminem seemed to have a blast. He even made a joke that one of Goff’s deep balls was “almost” as good as his. Slim Shady went on t say that he’d even jump on the team if the Lions needed him.

“I’ll lace up whenever,” Eminem said. “Like, I’ll go to every game. I’ll stand on the sideline and if you guys need to put me, put me in.” He added, “Any position, I’m good. Actually, any position I’m great.”

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