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Election Day 2022 results are coming in. At the top of the ticket, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been elected to a second term.

Elsewhere, all three Michigan ballot proposals are projected to pass. Those include Proposal 1, giving Michigan’s legislators new term limits and financial disclosure reports; Proposal 2, giving Michigan voters more rights; Proposal 3, legalizing abortion and reproductive rights in the state following the fall of Roe v. Wade.

In other major races, Jocelyn Benson was elected to second term as Secretary of State. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is also projected to win reelection. Michigan Supreme Court incumbents Richard Bernstein and Brian Zahra won re-election to eight-year terms.

Whitmer spoke to supporters Wednesday morning (Nov. 9) from MotorCity Casino in Detroit.

“Holding this office has been the honor of my life, and I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity for the last four years,” Whitmer said. She also said she would keep building the Michigan economy, repeal retirement tax for seniors, protect the Great Lakes and to keep “fighting like hell” to protect fundamental rights, such as abortion.

“Building a Michigan where everyone can get ahead is what really matters right now, more than ever” Whitmer said. “We are going to move this state forward and I’m excited for all the work we’re going to do together.”

Dixon conceded, stating, “I called Governor Whitmer this morning to concede and wish her well. Michigan’s future success rests not in elected officials or government, but all of us. It is incumbent upon all of us to help our children read, support law enforcement, and grow our economy. Thank you to our volunteers and supporters for working so hard to forge a better Michigan. We came up short, but we will never stop fighting for our families.”

25 Best Michigan Companies to Work for in 2022

Michigan has plenty of great places to work. But, what if you’re looking to change things up and find a new employer in the Keystone State? Thankfully, now we have a full list of the best companies to work for in the state, updated for 2022, thanks to the staff at Forbes.

The just-released study is Forbes’ fourth survey of the best employers. For it, the outlet looked at 1,382 companies in the United States and ranked them in each state, as well as Washington, D.C. The publication teamed up with market research company Statista to survey 70,000 Americans working for businesses with at least 500 employees.

“Whether working remotely or from the office, Americans’ priorities have changed,” Forbes states in the study. “Employers have had to motivate talent, combat burnout and ensure the well-being and safety of their workers, while pursuing profits amid a sensitive political landscape that spurred new levels of corporate activism – not to mention a growing divide in what people want from institutions and companies.”

Forbes adds, “It was against this backdrop that Forbes partnered with market research company Statista to compile our fourth annual list of America’s Best Employers By State. The list is divided into 51 rankings—one for each of the 50 states, plus the District of Columbia—and was compiled by surveying 70,000 Americans working for businesses with at least 500 employees. Surveys were conducted anonymously, allowing participants to freely share their opinions. The final list ranks the 1,382 employers that received the most recommendations.”

Read on for the full list of the top 25 companies to work for in Michigan. Some of the companies might surprise you, while others are perennial favorites. These companies, by the way, aren’t necessarily based in Michigan, but they employ the most in our state. Do you think there are any Michigan companies that should have made the tally? Reach out to me on social media and give us your thoughts.

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