INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 13: Matthew Stafford #9 of the Los Angeles Rams looks on from the sidelines during the third quarter of the game against the Arizona Cardinals at SoFi Stadium on November 13, 2022 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Say what you will about Jared Goff and the Detroit Lions, but Goff had a solid game on Sunday (Nov. 13) against the Chicago Bears.

Going into the season, I had major questions about Goff. I figured we were stuck with him for now, since the draft didn’t have any shining quarterback picks. But, Goff has impressed me this season. Goff, in my opinion, is not the Lions’ problem. I believe the problem is with the team’s defense, which thankfully was stronger on Sunday, and coaching. The latter might be a more difficult hurdle to overcome.

Now, a new NFL quarterback ranking from has Goff ranked higher than former Detroit Lions and current L.A. Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford. Of course, Stafford won a Super Bowl last year, but the Rams have struggled big time this season. Their record of 3-6 is the same as the Lions.

So, what are the numbers? Stafford, according to the current ranking, is No. 20. “Once again, Stafford is flirting with leading the NFL in interceptions for what could be the second year in a row,” they state in the article. “Only this time, the Rams aren’t leading a top-ten offense or anything close (29th). Sitting three games below .500 after winning the Super Bowl, Stafford’s been wildly successful with Cooper Kupp but not many others. After looking nearly elite a year ago, Stafford’s been anything but in his second season in coach McVay’s offense. After completing just 48% of his passes in Week 9, Stafford will be better the next time he takes the field. He can’t be much worse.”

Goff, on the other hand, is ranked No. 16. “Goff has bounced back a bit in 2022, but he’s still making stupid mistakes and has fumbled five times,” they state. “But mostly, the former No. 1 overall pick is just inconsistent. While the team is still leading a top-10 pass offense, Goff’s bound to be replaced by a top draft pick next season.” No. 1 on the tally is my personal favorite quarterback, Jalen Hurts of the Eagles. “Jalen Hurts went from a quarterback who needed to prove he was capable of holding down the gig to establishing himself as a Pro Bowl talent in his second full season as a starter,” they state. Find the full list here. Listen to “The Squad with Anne Erickson” on Apple Podcasts HERE, Spotify HERE and below. Hit me up with your thoughts on the NFL season Facebook HERE.

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