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Detroit Lions’ Jameson Williams Says He Didn’t Know NFL Gambling Rules

Detroit Lions' Jameson Williams was one of the five NFL players suspended earlier this year for gambling violations. Of the Detroit Lions, the wide receiver is the only player still with the team after that violation. Not having him around for the first six games will be troublesome, though, as he's a star player for the team. Williams spoke with reporters about the suspension on Thursday (May 25). He told the press that he actually didn't know the NFL had those specific, strict rules against gambling at team facilities. Via Brad Galli of WXYZ Detroit tweeted a video of Williams saying, "It hit me out of the of blue. It hit a couple other players around the league and on my team out of the blue. I wasn't aware of this situation, but as it happened, I took it on the chin. I was ready to move forward. As things moved on, I got the consequences. That's been my whole plan, moving forward from things, just looking at the better days." Detroit Lions' Jameson Williams also said he decided not to appeal the suspension, stating, "I just left it alone. They gave me six games and we left it that. Just looking forward to coming back Week 7, getting back on my team out there playing the game." Listen to the latest episode of "The Squad with Anne Erickson" below. [select-listicle listicle_id="976359" syndication_name="5-reasons-the-lions-will-demolish-the-packers-and-every-other-nfl-team" description="no"]

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