The 2022 NBA Draft Lottery will once again give hope to teams in need of, and some desperately so, a turnaround.

Here’s the lottery odds as they stand going into tonight’s event.

  • Houston Rockets - 14%


    Houston is looking to get back into playoff contention and once again find relevance in the west.

    Touting the worst record in the NBA, Houston cannot pick lower than 5th.

    They will be represented by GM Rafael Stone.

  • Orlando Magic - 14%


    Orlando saddled itself with the second worst record in the league and cannot pick lower than 7th in the draft.

    The team will be represented by President of Basketball Operations, Jeff Weltman.

  • Detroit Pistons - 14%


    Detroit is a team that seems a piece, maybe two away from jumping back into the playoff scene. Fate could smile on this young core with a number one draft spot.

    The team will be represented by Pistons legend and champion, Richard “Rip” Hamilton.

  • Oklahoma City Thunder - 12.5%


    OKC has a 12.5% chance of landing the number one spot in the lottery. The Thunder also has an additional 1.5% added since they own the Los Angeles Clippers pick which holds down the 12 slot in the lottery.

    OKC will be represented by former Thunder star, Nick Collison.


  • Indiana Pacers - 10.5%


    The Pacers have been making adjustments and tweaks where needed, but landing in the number one spot could be just what they need to get back into being a talked about team in the east.

    Indiana will be represented by Assistant GM Kelly Krauskopf.

  • Portland Trailblazers - 9%


    The Trailblazers, after retooling their roster for better or worse, need to make a smart move in the draft and land in the top 3 to secure a brighter future for star, Damian Lillard who has professed his loyalty to the team – but the clock is ticking.

    Lillard will be representing Portland in the draft lottery.


  • Sacramento Kings - 7.5%


    The Kings have a 7.5% shot of landing in the number on spot, and a 31.9% to land in the top four.

    Domantas Sabonis will represent Sacramento in the lottery.

  • New Orleans Pelicans - 6%


    The Pelicans can thank the Lakers for getting a slot in the lottery via the Anthony Davis trade.

    NOLA also has a 26% chance they land in the top 4.

    Swin Cash-Canal, VP of Basketball Operations will represent the team in the lottery.

  • San Antonio Spurs - 4.5%


    With a 4.5% chance of picking in the top spot, San Antonio and Coach Pop are looking to get back to being not just a “good team”, but one of the dominant threats in the west.

    Spurs legend and NBA champion, David Robinson will represent the franchise in the lottery.

  • Washington Wizards - 3%


    The Wizards round out the top ten hopefuls in the draft lottery with a 3% chance to land the number one spot.

    Head coach, Wes Unseld, Jr. will represent the team in the draft lottery.