The 2023 NBA Draft Lottery airs Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET and will decide the direction some of the not so successful teams in the NBA will go for the ’24-’25 NBA season.

The big prize is projected number one draft pick, Victor Wembenyama.

Here’s a look at the teams involved in this year’s draft lottery and where they fall by percentage of their chance to land the number one spot.

  • Detroit Pistons


    The Pistons are currently sitting at 14% in their chances of landing the number one spot in the draft lottery as they are the team with the league’s worst record.

  • Houston Rockets


    The Houston Rockets are currently sitting at 2nd worst in the league and are at 14% in the odds to land the #1 spot.

  • San Antonio Spurs


    Tied with Houston in regards to record, San Antonio shares the same 14% odds of landing the coveted number one spot.

  • Charlotte Hornets


    Charlotte is sitting at 12.5% in chance to land the number one spot.

  • Portland Trailblazers


    The Damian Lillard led franchise sits at a 10.5% chance of landing the number one prospect.

  • Orlando Magic

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    The Magic have a 9% chance of landing the number one draft pick.

  • Indiana Pacers


    The Indiana Pacers are sitting at 6.8% in their hopes of picking up the number one draft spot.

  • Washington Wizards


    The Washington Wizards are at a 6.7% chance of drafting in the number one spot.

  • Utah Jazz


    Utah is hoping their 4.5% odds will be enough to get them close to the number one spot.

  • Dallas Mavericks


    The Mavs have a 3% chance of getting called for the number one draft spot.

  • Chicago Bulls


    The Bulls are looking at a 1.8% shot at getting the number one spot.

  • Oklahoma City Thunder


    The Thunder are looking to push their young roster forward despite their 1.7% shot at the number one draft pick.

  • Toronto Raptors


    Toronto is looking to get back into playoff form despite their 1% chance at the top draft pick.

  • New Orleans Pelicans


    At the bottom of the percentage pool, NOLA is living on a prayer with their 0.5% shot at the number one spot.

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