Michigan has no shortage of notables and people who have gone on to excel in the world of sports, politics and entertainment.

The world of pro wrestling is no exception! Let’s take a look at some of the biggest names in sports entertainment who call Michigan their home.

  • Danhausen - Detroit, MI


    We did have a picture of Danhausen, but it was so evil we couldn’t feature it on this site!

    Donovan Danhausen was born in Detroit, MI and has been involved with Ring of Honor Wrestling and is currently a featured performer in AEW – All Elite Wrestling.

  • Brandi Rhodes - Canton, MI


    Brandi Alexis Reed was born in Canton, MI and is a U of M alumni, obtaining her bachelor’s degree from the university.

    She is best known under the name Brandi Rhodes and is the wife of WWE Superstar, Cody Rhodes.

    Brandi is also a former in-ring performer with the WWE and AEW as well as Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling.

    She is the former Chief Brand Officer of All Elite Wrestling.

  • Eric Bischoff - Detroit, MI


    Eric Bischoff was born and raised in Detroit, MI.

    He is best known for being the man responsible for the meteoric rise of the now defunct World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in the late 90s.

    Bischoff was instrumental in creating the game changing nWo – New World Order faction which was the basis that helped WCW keep the WWE on the losing end of weekly ratings for 82 straight weeks!

    Bischoff has also served as the onscreen General Manager for Monday Night RAW as well as a performer for Impact Wrestling and AEW.

  • Kevin Nash - Detroit, MI


    Kevin Nash has his roots in the Motor City.

    Nash has ventured into the world of Hollywood but has more notably been involved in some of the biggest moments in pro wrestling history.

    Nash went under the moniker “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel in the mid 90’s WWE.

    In the early 90s he was saddled with ridiculous gimmicks in WCW such as “OZ The Great and Powerful” and “Vinnie Vegas” – the latter of which helped him get noticed by WWE.

    “Big Sexy” is probably best known as one half of ‘The Outsiders’ tag team that served as the founding fathers of the New World Order in WCW.

  • Christopher Daniels - Kalamazoo, MI


    Born in Kalamazoo, “The Fallen Angel” has had a storied career.

    He’s best known for his stellar matches in Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling.

    He currently serves as the Head of Talent Relations for All Elite Wrestling.

    Daniels is considered ‘semi-retired’.

  • Rick & Scott Steiner - Bay City, MI


    Born Scott Rechsteiner in Bay City, Mi, Scott Steiner and his brother, Rick would go on to become one of the more celebrated tag teams in professional wrestling.

    Scott would branch out on his own under his heel moniker, “Big Poppa Pump”.

    He saw solo and tag team success in WWE, WCW and Impact Wrestling.

    Rick Rechsteiner would go under the name ‘Rick Steiner’ and the nickname ‘The Dog-Face Gremlin’ in WCW.

    Rick Steiner is the father of current WWE NXT Superstar, Bron Breakker.

  • Rob Van Dam


    One of the most exciting pro wrestlers of all time was born in Battle Creek, MI.

    Rob Van Dam is best known for his time in the original ECW as well as his successful run in WWE.

    RVD has also found success in Impact Wrestling.

    His innovative in-ring style and laid back personality have kept RVD a longtime fan favorite.