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Here we go with more Jim Harbaugh rumors. A new report from The Big Lead says he seems “desperate” to head to the NFL. I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s fair to say it appears Harbaugh is more open to it than ever. He just wrapped up an incredible season with Michigan, so why not go out on top, right? Time will tell. Read on for the details.

  • The Report

    “After finally slaying the Ohio State dragon, Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh seems to believe he’s done everything he set out to do at his alma mater and is ready to bolt the collegiate levels and return to the lucratively-greener pastures of the NFL,” Brian Giuffra of The Big Lead reports.

  • Expert’s take

    Giuffra adds that Jay Glazer made some comments on the Fox pregame show implying that “Harbaugh is already reaching out to coordinators to vet their interest in teaming with him if he gets a head coaching job in the NFL.”

  • The Clip

  • From the recruit's mouth

    The father of Darrius Clemons, one of Harbaugh’s recruits, also recently stated that Harbaugh told Clemons, amid recruiting time, that he was going to “entertain” returning to the NFL (via Sports Illustrated).

  • Where?

    Several reports, including one from Bruce Feldman of The Athletic, point Harbaugh as moving to the Bears. Read more about that here.

  • The Raiders?

    Other reports say the Raiders’ are Harbaugh’s dream team.

    “Harbaugh is very well liked by Raiders owner Mark Davis, league sources said, beginning his coaching career as a quarterback coach there for the Raiders in 2002,” according to CBS Sports. Let the games begin!