The Golden State Warriors are riding high on their recent NBA Championship win, and the jovial mood wasn’t lost on 2022 Espys host, Steph Curry.

Curry took to the stage, drink in hand, and delivered some sharp and comical jabs at his fellow NBA colleagues.

Here are some of the highlights of the evening.

  • Curry Calls Out LeBron's 2007 Hosting Gig

    Steph Curry, or as some might refer to him at this point, “The Real King of Akron”, took aim at Lakers forward LeBron James.

  • Steph, The Family Man

    It’s important to recognize the people in your life that rely on you to be your absolute best.

  • Calling Out The Old Guard (A.K.A. The Lakers)

    Even the premier franchise in the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers have been struggling, and their bench of 30+ year olds was open season for Curry.

  • When In Los Angeles, Trash The Celtics

    Curry called out Grant Williams and the Celtics organization. Boston is still recovering from being ran off the floor by Curry and crew.

  • Curry Roasts His Kids and Dad

    Steph could understand Tom Brady wanting to get out of the house, and questioned his father’s fashion choices.