It’s not unheard of for a head coach to lose their cool, but sometimes they can take their objections a little too far.

In the wake of the current Juwan Howard suspension, let’s take a look back at some other head coaches who went a little too hard with their protests.

  • Bobby Knight Throws A Chair

    After the Indiana Hoosiers were saddled with three fouls in less than a minute, hot-headed Indiana head coach, Bobby Knight verbally insulted the official which led to the first of three successive technical fouls.

    Frustrated, Knight picked up a red gym chair and flung it across the court which caused Knight to be removed from the bench.

  • Gregg Popovich Sets An Ejection Record - 1:03 Seconds Into the Game

    Just 1:03 seconds into the game with the Spurs down 5-0 to the Denver Nuggets, Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich argued, with great enthusiasm, what he believed was a missed foul call on an opposing team player.

    Naturally, the official wasn’t having any of Pop’s attitude.

  • John Calipari's Two Techs And An Eject

    With just under 18 minutes left in the first half of the Wildcats vs Gamecocks showdown, Kentucky head coach, John Calipari received two technical fouls for continual badgering of the officials regarding missed foul calls.

    He was eventually given a technical and sent to the locker room, but not without a good amount of spectacle.

  • Dwane Casey Ejected For Absolutely Nothing

    During a heated match up between the Toronto Raptors and Oklahoma City Thunder, the fans in the Air Canada Centre felt that the officials were skewing favor towards OKC, which led to verbal blow ups and physical altercations involving then Raptors stars DeMar DeRozan and Serge Ibaka.

    With both players ejected from the game, the Toronto fans verbally attacked the referees – one verbal assault wrongly attributed to then Raptors head coach, Dwane Casey

  • Nate Oats Picks Up Two Techs, Ejection

    Alabama head coach Nate Oats was ejected after racking up two technical fouls in the second half as his squad took on Mississippi State.

    Oats angrily contested a missed “And-1” call as well as a foul and double dribble.

    He was eventually sent off the court.