The 2022-23 Detroit Pistons season will feature the return of the throwback ‘Teal Jerseys’ as alternates!

Amid all the discussion, excitement and debate about what those jerseys represent, we at The Roar thought we’d take a quick look back at some of the more notable players who showcased their talents in teal.

  • Lindsey Hunter


    One of the best defensive guards in franchise history, Hunter didn’t start for the majority of his career with Detroit, beginning in 1993, but he was a defensive nightmare during the Piston’s ’04 championship run.

  • Jerry Stackhouse


    Stackhouse played less than five full seasons with the Pistons, but he is still considered one of the top scorers in franchise history.

    His 29pt average per game in the 2000-01 run still ranks as one of the highest in Pistons recorded history!

  • Joe Dumars


    Dumars wore the teal horse jersey at the tail end of his 14 year career as a Piston, but seeing as he’s the architect of the ’04 championship team, we’ll include him on the list.

    Dumars was a crucial part of the back to back championship wins by the ‘Bad Boy’ Pistons serving as an important piece of their back-court.

  • Grant Hill


    The first six seasons were the best seasons of Hill’s career, and his time with the Pistons has made his #33 jersey the go-to for the teal colored throwback.

    Hill was a five time All-Star and five time member of the All-NBA team.