Dan Campbell Gives Jared Goff the Best Compliment Ever

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell gets questions about quarterback Jared Goff a lot. At first, those questions were often negative. But, now, they're almost always positive, as Goff recently helped lead the Lions to their first winning season since 2017. So, Dan Campbell gives Goff a lot of kind words. Now, Campbell has given Goff possibly one of the biggest compliments ever. He says Goff is better now, with the Detroit Lions, than he ever was with the Los Angeles Rams. That includes even when Goff took the Rams to the Super Bowl in 2018. "He hung in there, and I think what you're seeing is a guy who just put his head down and worked on what he could, tried to improve on what he could, and now his confidence is really, it has grown, and along the way, he's matured as a quarterback," Campbell said during a press conference (as reported by ESPN). "I mean, he's a better quarterback than he was there, in my opinion, because he can do more things. He's mentally on it. "We've come light-years ahead of where he was two years ago," Campbell added. "He's got a real good grasp of what we're doing, where the issues are, where the problems are. And that's something that we really wanted him to get good at and he wanted to get good at, and he's worked at it, and he's improved." Campbell kept the praise coming, too. "We ask him to do a lot more in my opinion than what [the Rams] were actually doing out there," Campbell said of the Detroit Lions' use of Goff vs. the Rams' use of him. "They had a lot of pretty good pieces out there as well, as we know. Damn good defense. All those things, but I just feel like, I know from speaking with him and watching him really over the last two years, I just feel like ... we put a lot of things on him where I'm not so sure that was ultimately what they were doing." Listen to "The Squad with Anne Erickson" below and wherever you listen to podcasts. Reach out to me here. [select-listicle listicle_id="983810" syndication_name="detroit-lions-10-totally-shocking-things-dan-campbell-has-said" description="no"]

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